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Nose Fillers Singapore Price and Reviews - Updated for 2017 / 2018

If you are looking to find the cost and reviews for your nose fillers procedure in Singapore, you may wish to check out the guide below. This post was written with you in mind, as a consumer. Image via If you are looking for cheap nose fillers, be careful. This isn't a procedure you want to shop around for on Groupon or Fave. All injections come with risks i.e. swelling, bruising, bleeding. Nose Filler Prices in Singapore Tiffiny Yang Clinic Price for Nose Filler (for basic hyaluronic acid filler up to 1 year duration – ask us about the fillers that last longer than 1 year if you are interested!) Nose Tip or Bridge Only SGD 400 or 500 Full Nose Bridge & Tip SGD 680 Source: Prive Clinic - Radiesse My nose tip isn't very tall or exceptionally pretty, but it was okay, but the bridge was definitely lacking in height and I've always wanted to know how it feel