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Best Lasik Singapore: Price and Clinics 2022

Ever wondered how much does it cost to have LASIK done in Singapore? Find out and compare lasik surgery cost below.  Although the numbers and prices are everywhere on the internet, we have compiled and organised the information accordingly (by center) in one place. The pricing information below is based on the published prices from major centres and pricing information available on blogs and the internet.  Here is the list: TTSH Lasik Price Tan Tock Seng Hospital Lasik Surgery Price: $1,595 to $1,795 (including GST) Senior Consultant Evaluation Price (including GST): $ 164 Consultant Evaluation Price (including GST): $ 159 Also Read:  Best LASIK Singapore NUH Lasik Price National University Hospital Lasik Surgery Price (including GST): $1,766 to $2,354 Evaluation Price (including GST): $ 109.14 SNEC Lasik Price Singapore National Eye Centre Lasik Surgery Price (including GST): $1,659 to $1,766 Evaluation Price (including GST) Consultant – $109.14 Evaluation Price (including GST) Senior

Zenyum vs Invisalign vs WonderSmile: What's the Difference?

If you are considering getting an invisible braces or clear aligners treatment, you've come to the right place. Lately, the number of options for invisible braces and clear aligners have increased, thus making it complicated when it comes to choosing the right one. What are invisible braces? Clear braces are a transparent, plastic alternative to traditional metal braces used to adjust and align teeth. They are removable (unlike metal braces) and work by exerting consistent pressure on your teeth, so they shift and straighten over time. Invisible braces might seem like a modern invention. But in reality, dentists have been using plastic to shift teeth since the end of World War 2. The problem was it wasn’t the most convenient procedure. Given technological constraints, you’d need to visit the dentist every time to get new putty impressions of your teeth. It wasn’t until the advent of 3D-scanning technology, and specialised software that dentists could create accurate digital impress

10 Best Credit Cards for Hospital Bills in Singapore 2022

If you are looking for the best credit cards for hospital bills in Singapore, you've come to the right place. Whether you're dealing with big doctors' bills right now or regularly spend on your health, you may be interested in a credit card that offers rewards for medical spend. Most credit cards actively exclude hospital spend from earning rewards. So, to make things easier, the experts at ValueChampion scoured the terms & conditions of 100+ cards in Singapore to find which actually do provide cash rebates or miles. Earning Rewards on Hospital Bills & Why We Selected these Cards Medical bills, whether for a doctor or a hospital visit, can be quite expensive and are sometimes difficult to pay off all at once. Facing such a large bill can certainly be daunting, but doing so also presents the opportunity to earn significant cashback or miles (the greater the spend, the greater the return). Additionally, some credit cards offer 0% interest instalment plans which allow

MOH Singapore: Rumours about large increase in severe COVID-19 cases and deaths due to XBB strain 'not true'

Rumours that Singapore is seeing a significant increase in severe COVID-19 cases and deaths due to the XBB strain are untrue, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday (Oct 11, 2022). "There have been rumours circulating via WhatsApp that Singapore is having a rapid and large increase in cases with severe illness and deaths due to the circulating XBB strain," the ministry said in a statement. "This is not true. We are initiating POFMA action against such falsehoods," it added, referring to the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act. While there is an increase in local cases driven by XBB, including the post-weekend spike this Tuesday, MOH said the number of severe cases has remained relatively low. "This is very likely due to the resilience built up through vaccination and previous waves of infection. We are monitoring the trajectory closely," the ministry added. "More importantly, there is also no evidence of XBB causing more sever

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) List of Doctors and Reviews 2022

We have compiled essential information about SGH Hospital in one place for your review and convenience. Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Address and Contact Number Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Address: Outram Road, Singapore 169608 Telephone Contact No. (General Enquiries): +65-6222 3322 Accident & Emergency: +65-6321 4311 Popular Clinical Specialties in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Plastic Surgeons at Singapore General Hospital   Prof. Colin Song - Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, Aesthetic  Prof. Lee Seng Teik - Congenital Abnormalities  Prof. Tan Kok Chai - Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic  Assoc. Prof. Foo Chee Liam - Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, Aesthetic  Dr. Sng Wei Ee, Karen - Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery  Assoc. Prof. Tan Bien Keem - Reconstructive Microsurgery, Lymphedema, Aesthetic  Dr. Leo Kah Woon - Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic  Dr. Ong Yee Siang - Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic, Burns  Dr. Wong Chin Ho - Reconstru

Best Gynaes in Singapore (2022) by Hospital

Gynaecologists are one of the most searched medical specialties on the internet. Almost all modern and top sgynaecologists are also obstetricians and therefore the term obstetricians & gynecologists or O&G in short. The term 'gynecologist' is often mis-spelled as 'gynocologist' by laymen. In many areas, the specialties of gynaecology and obstetrics overlap. Before you get yourself overwhelmed with all the jargons on the internet, it's important you have some basic understanding with the medical specialty that you are dealing with. O&G stands for Obstetrics and Gynaecology. What's the difference between obstetricians and gynaecologists? Most gynaes are qualified with a post-graduate qualification in O&G i.e. MRCOG or Master of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Therefore, they are trained both in obstetrics as well as gynaecology. An obstetrician specialises in pregnancy related aspects of women's health whereas a gynae specialised in the 'non-pr