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National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore | National University Health System Medical Specialists Address and Contact Number

NUH is a 991-bed acute care, tertiary hospital. It is also the Singapore's only university hospital.
National University Hospital (S) Pte Ltd
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119074
Telephone Contact details (Main Line): +(65) 6779 5555 (24-Hr)                       
Emergency No. : +(65) 6772 5000
(24 Hr)

NUH Singapore Doctor List

Popular Clinical Specialties in National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore

Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Specialists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore | NUH ENT Clinic
A/Prof Thomas Loh Kwok Seng, Head & Senior Consultant
Dr Annabelle Tay Sok Yan, Associate Consultant
Dr Crystal Cheong, Associate Consultant
Dr Donovan Eu, Associate Consultant
Dr Dr Joshua Tay Kai Xun, Associate Consultant
Dr Goh Xue Ying, Associate Consultant
Dr Ker Liang, Associate Consultant
Dr Lim Chwee Ming, Senior Consultant
Dr Loh Woei Shyang, Senior Consultant
Dr Mark Thong Kim Thye, Senior Consultant
Dr Ng Li Shia, Consultant
Dr Ong Yew Kwang, Senior Consultant
Dr Raymond Ngo, Senior Consultant
Conditions treated and related terms: sinusitis, sinus surgery, sinus infection, ent doctor singapore, otolaryngology, nuh ent etc.
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Plastic surgeons at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore  
A/Prof Lim Thiam Chye   
Dr Lee Shu Jin   
Dr Ong Wei Chen
Conditions treated and procedures performed: Breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery, breast implant, tummy tucks, aesthetic surgery etc.
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Skin Specialists (Dermatologists) at the University Medicine Cluster, National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Paul Lorenz Bigliardi (Senior Consultant)
Dr Aw Chen Wee, Derrick (Consultant)
Dr Huma Jaffar (Consultant)
Dr Seow Chew Swee (Senior Visiting Consultant)
Dr Wong Soon Tee (Visiting Consultant)
Dr Lee Sze Min (Resident Physician)
Dr Janthorn Pakdeethai (Registrar)
Conditions treatedeczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, acne, acne scars etc.

Eye (ophthalmologists) Specialists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
A/Prof Caroline Chee Ka Lin
Dr Cheng Jin Fong
A/Prof Chew Tec Kuan Paul
Dr Gangadhara Sundar
Dr Loon Seng Chee
Dr See Li Shuen Jovina
Dr Shantha Amrith
Dr Tan Woon Teck Clement
Dr Thean See Yin Lennard Harold
Dr Wang Jenn Chyuan
Dr Wong Bik Yun Inez
Prof Wong Tien Yin
Conditions treated and procedures performedCataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy

Psychiatrists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore (University Medicine Cluster)

A/Prof John Wong Chee Meng, Head & Senior Consultant, Psychological Medicine

Dr Broekman Birit Froukje Philippien, Consultant, Psychological Medicine

Dr Celine Wong, Associate Consultant, Psychological Medicine  

Dr Chee Yin Ing Cornelia, Senior Consultant, Psychological Medicine   

Dr Ho Chui Ling Emily, Consultant, Psychological Medicine        

Dr Ho Chun Man Roger, Consultant, Psychological Medicine

Dr Johnson Fam, Consultant, Psychological Medicine

Prof Kua Ee Heok, Senior Consultant, Psychological Medicine   

Dr Lai Yew Min, Senior Consultant, Psychological Medicine       

Dr Lui Yit Shiang, Consultant, Psychological Medicine     

Dr Rathi Mahendran, Senior Consultant, Psychological Medicine

Dr Soo Shuenn Chiang, Associate Consultant, Psychological Medicine  

Dr Teng Jia Ying, Associate Consultant, Psychological Medicine

Dr Terence Leong, Consultant, Psychological Medicine   
Dr Tsoi Tung Chris, Consultant, Psychological Medicine
Conditions treated and managed: Insomnia, Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Neurosis

NUH Gynaecology Doctors: Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Prof Yong Eu Leong,
A/Prof Wong Yee Chee,
A/Prof Arijit Biswas, 
A/Prof Arunachalam Ilancheran, 
A/Prof Chong Yap Seng, 
A/Prof Ganesh Adaikan, 
Prof Kuldip Singh, 
A/Prof Mahesh Choolani, 
A/Prof Mary Rauff, 
Asst Prof Su Lin Lin,
Prof P C Wong, 

Dr Jeffrey Low Jen Hui, 
Dr Joseph Ng Soon Yau, 
Dr Ng Ying Woo, 
Dr Roy Ng, 
Dr Stephen Chew Siong Lin, 
Dr Tan Eng Kien, 
Dr Vanaja Kalaichelvan, 
Dr Vesna Dramusic,
Dr Winnie Wun 
Dr Anita Sugam Kale,
Dr Annapoorna Venkat,
Dr Anupriya Agarwal, 
Dr Chua Tsei Meng, 
Dr Citra Mattar, 
Dr Fong Yoke Fai
Related terms: Ob gyn, obstetrics, ob gynecologist, obstetrician, gynecologist, gynecology, gynaecology
Conditions treated and procedures performed: pregnancy related problems, Caesarean section (C-section), hysterectomy

Heart related Specialists at National University Heart Centre (NUHC) Singapore: NUH Heart Clinic

For directions on how to get to NUHCS, please visit:

Cardiologists at National University Heart Centre (NUHC) Singapore
Contact | Tel: (65) 6772 2002
A/Prof  Tan Huay Cheem, Director, NUHCS, Senior Consultant
A/Prof  Yeo Tiong Cheng , Head, Cardiac Department, Senior Consultant
A/Prof  Ling Lieng Hsi , Senior Consultant
A/Prof  James Yip Wei Luen , Senior Consultant
A/Prof Adrian Low Fatt Hoe , Senior Consultant
A/Prof Poh Kian Keong , Senior Consultant
A/Prof Ronald Lee Chi Hang , Senior Consultant
Dr Chai Ping , Senior Consultant
Dr Teo Swee Guan , Senior Consultant
A/Prof  Carolyn Lam  , Consultant
Dr  Raymond Wong Ching Chiew , Consultant
Dr Seow Swee Chong  , Consultant
Dr Mark Chan Yan Yee , Consultant
Dr  Chan Koo Hui , Consultant
Dr  Lim Toon Wei , Consultant
Dr Edgar Tay Lik Wui , Consultant
Dr Chan Wan Xian  , Consultant
Dr Pipin Kojodjojo  , Consultant
Dr  Joshua Loh  , Associate Consultant
Dr  Devinder Singh  , Associate Consultant
Dr  Yeo Wee Tiong , Associate Consultant
Dr  Wong Siong Sung , Associate Consultant
Dr  Soo Wern Miin , Associate Consultant
Dr  William Kong Kok-Fai , Associate Consultant

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons at National University Heart Centre (NUHC) Singapore
Contact | Tel: (65) 6772 2002
Dr Chua Soo Yeng Benjamin
Dr Graeme MacLaren
Assistant Professor Ho Pei Jackie
Dr Jimmy Hon Kim Fatt
Prof Lee Chuen Neng
Adj A/Prof Michael George Caleb
Dr Ooi Oon Cheong
A/Prof Peter Ashley Robless
Dr Sriram Shankar
Asst Prof Tam Kit Chung John
Dr Tan Tiong Tee Christie
Dr Teoh Leok Kheng Kristine
A/Prof Theodoros Kofidis
Dr Winn Maung Maung Aye  

Other Specialists in National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore

Emergency Medicine Specialists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Amila Punyadasa   
Dr Irwani Bte Ibrahim   
Dr Kuan Win Sen   
Dr Lee Sock Koon   
Dr Malcolm Mahadevan   
Dr Ong Yeok Kein Victor   
Dr Peng Li Lee   
A/Prof Peter George Manning   
Dr Quek Lit Sin   
Dr Seet Chong Meng   
A/Prof Shirley Ooi Beng Suat   
Dr Sim Tiong Beng   
Clin A/Prof Suresh Pillai

Gastroenterologists and hepatologists at the University Medicine Cluster, National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Bhavesh Kishor Doshi   
Dr Dan Yock Young   
Dr David Ong Eng Hui   
Dr Dede Selamat Sutedja   
Dr Fernandes Mark Lee   
Prof Ho Khek Yu Lawrence   
Dr Khor Jen Lock Christopher   
Dr Kieron Lim Boon Leng   
Dr Lee Guan Huei   
Dr Lee Yin Mei   
Dr Lim Lee Guan   
Dr Lim Li Lin   
A/Prof Lim Seng Gee   
Dr Low How Cheng   
Dr Michelle Gowans   
Dr Vincent Lai Wai Kwan   
Dr Wong Kong Min Reuben   
A/Prof Yeoh Khay Guan
Conditions treated and procedures performedcolonoscopy, gastroenterology, endoscopy, helicobacter pylori, gastritis, heartburn, GERD

Endocrinologists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore (University Medicine Cluster)

A/Prof Tai E Shyong, Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology

Prof Cheah Jin Seng, Emeritus Consultant, Division of Endocrinology  

Dr Chionh Siok Bee, Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology        

Dr Kao Shih Ling, Associate Consultant, Division of Endocrinology        

Dr Khoo Chin Meng, Consultant, Division of Endocrinology       

Prof Lee Kok Onn, Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology           
Prof Lim Pin, Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology
A/Prof Thai Ah Chuan, Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology
Conditions treated: Diabetes Mellitus, thyroid disease and weight disorders.

Hand and Reconstructive Micro-surgeons at the National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Amitabha Lahiri   
Dr Chong Alphonsus   
A/Prof Lim Yu Tang Aymeric   
Dr Mark Edward Puhaindran   
Dr Peng Yeong Pin   
E/Prof Pho Robert   
Dr Sandeep Jacob Sebastin   
Dr Tan Meng Kiat David   
Dr Tan Ter Chyan   

General Physicians at the University Medicine Cluster, National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Professor Vernon Oh Min Sen (Senior Consultant)
Dr Toh Kong Leong, Terry (Senior Consultant)
Dr Aisha Lateef (Consultant)
Dr Dariusz Piotr Olszyna (Consultant)
Dr Khin Saw Myint (Consultant)
Dr Manjari Lahiri (Consultant)
Dr Paul Huggan (Consultant)
Dr Adrian Mondry (Consultant)
Dr Satya Gollamudi (Associate Consultant)
Dr Farooq Akram (Associate Consultant)
Dr Goh Wei Ping (Senior Resident Physician)
Dr Janthorn Pakdeethai (Registrar)
Dr Thiha Ohn Kyaw (Registrar)

Geriatricians (Specialists of the Older Adults) at the University Medicine Cluster, National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Reshma A Merchant (Senior Consultant)
Dr Melvin Chua (Consultant)
Dr Kamun Tong (Associate Consultant)
Dr Ng Shu Ee (Registrar)

Neurologists and stroke specialists at the University Medicine Cluster, National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
A/P Benjamin Ong
Dr Teoh Hock Luen
Dr Bernard Chan
Dr Chan Yee Cheun
Dr June Tan Joo Hui
A/P Erle Lim
A/P Vijay Kumar Sharma
Dr Rahul Rathakrishnan
Dr Seet Raymond
Dr Derek Soon
Dr Amy Quek
Dr Leonard Yeo

Neonatologists at the University Medicine Cluster, National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Agnihotri Biswas   
Dr Chinnadurai Amutha   
Dr Krishnamoorthy Niduvaje   
Dr Lee Le Ye   
Dr Ng Peng Mei Yvonne   
A/Prof Roy Joseph   
Dr Zubair Amin   

Orthopaedic surgeons at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Andrew Dutton   
A/Prof Aziz Nather   
Dr Diarmuid Murphy   
Dr Fareed H. Y. Kagda   
A/Prof Hee Hwan Tak   
Dr Hitendra K Doshi   
A/Prof James Hui   
Prof Kandiah Satkunanantham   
Adj A/Prof Khong Kok Sun   
Prof Lee Eng Hin   
Dr Lee Kevin   
Dr Lingaraj Krishna   
Dr Liu Gabriel   
Dr Naresh Kumar   
Dr Peter Lee   
Prof Shamal Das De   
A/Prof Suresh Nathan   
Dr Tan Chyn Hong   
Dr Tan Ken Jin   
Dr Thambiah Joseph   
Prof V Prem Kumar   
Dr Wang Wilson   
Prof Wong Hee Kit   

Paediatric surgeons at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Dale Lincoln Loh Ser Kheng   
Professor Prabhakaran K   
NUH Paediatrics Doctors: Paediatricians
A/Prof Allen Yeoh Eng Juh   
Dr Ana Patricia Angeles Alcasabas   
Dr Andrea Yeo   
Dr Chan Poh Chong   
Dr Chew Su Yah   
Dr Chong Shang Chee   
Dr Chou Ning   
Dr Cindy Hia   
A/Prof Daniel Goh Yam Thiam   
A/Prof Denise Goh Li Meng   
A/Prof Goh Li Meng Denise   
A/Prof Goh Li Meng Denise   
A/Prof Goh Yam Thiam Daniel   
Prof Hugo Van Bever   
Dr Jennifer Kiing   
Dr Kao Pao Tang   
Dr Koh Pei Lin   
A/Prof Lee Yung Seng   
A/Prof Loke Kah Yin   
Prof Low Poh Sim   
A/Prof Lynette Shek Pei Chi   
Dr Mahesh Babu Ramamurthy   
A/Prof Marion Margaret Aw Hui Yong   
Clin A/Prof Ong Hian Tat   
Dr Perry Lau   
A/Prof Quah Thuan Chong   
Prof Quak Seng Hock   
A/Prof Quek Swee Chye   
Dr Samuel S. Chong
A/Prof Stacey Tay Kiat Hong   
Dr Tammi Quek Chaey Moon   
Dr Tan Poh Lin   
Dr Terence Lim Chee Wen   
Prof Yap Hui Kim   

Restorative dentists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Dr Chan Nyat Chee   
Prof Chew Chong Lin   
Dr Clara Mok   
A/Prof Hien Chi Ngo   
Dr Hilary Thean Pik Yean   
A/Prof Jennifer Neo Chiew Lian   
Dr Joanne Ngo   
A/Prof Keng Siong Beng   
A/Prof Keson Tan Beng Choon   
Dr Ngo Hien Chi   
Clin A/Prof Patrick Tseng   
Uy Joanne Ngo   
Dr Varawan Sae-Lim   
A/Prof Varawan Sae-Lim   
Dr Victoria Yu   

General surgeons at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Adj Prof Abu Rauff   
Adj Prof Tan Walter   
Dr Asim Shabbir   
Dr Chan Ching Wan   
Dr Chang Kin Yong Stephen   
Clin A/Prof Cheah Wei Keat   
Dr Cheong Ee Cherk   
Dr Chou Ning   
Dr David Choy Kim Seng   
Dr Gan Eric   
Dr Iau Philip   
Dr Iyer Shridhar Ganpathi   
A/Prof Jimmy So   
Kenneth Mak   
Dr Koh Chi Siong Dean   
A/Prof Krishnakumar Madhavan   
Dr Lee Shu Jin   
Prof Leong Adrian   
Dr Liauw Jennifer   
Dr Lim Jane   
A/Prof Lim Thiam Chye   
Dr Lomanto Davide   
A/Prof Lomanto Davide   
Dr Ong Wei Chen   
Dr Seah Aileen   
Dr Shaik Ahmad Buhari   
Dr Tan Tse Kuang Charles   
Dr Tang Anthony   
Prof Ti Thiow Kong   
Dr Victor Lee Tswen Wen   
Dr Wong Kutt Sing   
Dr Yeo Tseng Tsai   

Urologists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore
Chin Chong Min   
Dr Chua Wei Jin   
Damian Png Jin Chye   
Dr David Terrence Consigliere   
Assistant Professor Edmund Chiong   
Dr Heng Chin Tiong   
Prof Kesavan Esuvaranathan   
Li Man Kay   
Lim Tow Poh  
Dr Tiong Ho Yee

Anesthesiologists at National University Hospital (NUH) Singapore

A/Prof Eugene Liu Hern Choon, 
A/Prof Ti Lian Kah, 
A/Prof Goy Wee Lip Raymond, 
A/Prof Chen Fun Gee, 
A/Prof Siau Chiang, 
Prof Lee Tat Leang, 
Dr Ang Bee Leng Sophia, 
Dr Bryan Ng Su Wei, 
Dr Christopher King, 
Dr Fong Jong Jeng, 
Dr Lalitha Manickam, 
Dr Lee Eng Kiang, 
Dr Lim Tian Jin, 
Dr Danny Lim Tse Jiann, 
Dr Mummadi Sanjeeva Reddy, 
Dr Neo Hong Jye, 
Dr Pan Ling Te Terry, 
Dr Poon Keah How, 
Dr Tan Bee Hong
Dr Tan Tze Siong    
Dr Tan Wah Tze
Dr James Tan Wen Tien
Dr Addy Tan Yong Hui
Dr Tay Kwang Hui
Dr Constance Tham Su Ling
Dr Tham Suet Lan
Dr Thanaporn Lorchirachoonkul
Dr Usha Narasimhan Kannan
Dr Wong Weng Hoa
Dr Yuen Man Kwong
Dr Rex Joseph Morais
Dr Richard Tierney
Dr Roy Lim Tet Chen
A/Prof Siau Chiang
Dr Sim Chin Keng
Dr Sugam Survarn Kale

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