Best Lasik Singapore: Price and Clinics 2022

Ever wondered how much does it cost to have LASIK done in Singapore? Find out and compare lasik surgery cost below. 

Although the numbers and prices are everywhere on the internet, we have compiled and organised the information accordingly (by center) in one place. The pricing information below is based on the published prices from major centres and pricing information available on blogs and the internet. 

LASIK Singapore Price

Here is the list:

TTSH Lasik Price

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Lasik Surgery Price: $1,595 to $1,795 (including GST)

Senior Consultant Evaluation Price (including GST): $ 164
Consultant Evaluation Price (including GST): $ 159

NUH Lasik Price

National University Hospital Lasik Surgery Price (including GST): $1,766 to $2,354
Evaluation Price (including GST): $ 109.14

SNEC Lasik Price

Singapore National Eye Centre Lasik Surgery Price (including GST): $1,659 to $1,766
Evaluation Price (including GST) Consultant – $109.14
Evaluation Price (including GST) Senior Consultant – $123.05

LASIK surgery prices in public institutions in Singapore (Source: TTSH, SNEC, NUH websites) 

Eagle Eye Lasik Price

Eagle Eye Centre LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $3,691.50

Lee Hung Ming / Asia Pacific Eye Centre

Lee Hung Ming / Asia Pacific Eye Centre LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $3,724.67

Atlas Eye Centre 

Atlas Eye Centre LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $4,059.00

Shinagawa Eye Centre 

Shinagawa Eye Centre LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $4,160.16

Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre 

Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $3,888.00

W Eye Clinic

W Eye Clinic LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $3,625.16

Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre 

Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $3,424.00

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $8,000.00

LSC Eye Clinic 

LSC Eye Clinic LASIK surgery price (incl. GST): $4,375.00

LASIK surgery prices in private LASIK centres in Singapore (Source: individual LASIK clinics)

LASIK Installment Plan Singapore

Your LASIK procedure can be paid in full or you can choose to go for the installment plans. 

For most clinics, they do offer a monthly installment payment option with 0% interest over 6 - 12 months. This tends to be a popular option. A LASIK procedure of about $3,800 can be split into more manageable monthly installments of about $300+.

You can pay for your LASIK procedure via cash, NETS, debit, or credit card. However, it is important to note that NETS only has a $2000 withdrawal limit per day.

LASIK Medisave

Unfortunately, since LASIK and other vision correction treatments are considered elective surgery procedures (non-essential and cosmetic), insurance and Medisave cannot be used to pay for these treatments. 


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